Our services

Apollo stands as a truly independent business not tied to any other

Company Incorporation and Set-up

  • Structure implementation
  • Drafting incorporation articles
  • Coordination with Luxembourg public notary
  • Bank accounts opening
  • Business license application
  • Luxembourg VAT registration

Company Domiciliation and Administration

  • Provision of Registered Office
  • Company accounting
  • Compliance with Luxembourg legislation
  • Daily duties of the company (correspondence, follow-up)
  • Statutory meetings organisation (Board of Directors, ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings)
  • Shareholders’ register maintenance
  • Provision of local independent directors
  • Office and parking space, telephone lines, dedicated employees

Legal Conversion (Re-Domiciliation)

  • Legal conversion of foreign company into a Luxembourg legal entity
  • Coordination with Luxembourg public notary
  • Preparation of the articles of association of the Luxembourg legal entity
  • Preparation of the Luxembourg opening balance sheet
  • Coordination with the foreign country where the company was legally incorporated

Provision of Independent Directors

  • Experienced and qualified senior professionals joining the board as independent directors or acting as advisors to the board
  • To guarantee the highest standards of corporate governance and economic substance in Luxembourg

Corporate, Legal and Secretarial Services

  • Wire instructions coordination and cash management
  • Intragroup financing
  • Corporate files and records supervision and update
  • Changes in local legislation and regulation updates
  • Company’s shareholders registry and minute books maintenance
  • Board and annual general shareholders meetings organisation and formalisation: coordination of convening notices, drafting of minutes and resolutions

Accounting services

  • Processing of transactions, including accounts payable and receivable
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual accounts
  • Filing of annual accounts
  • Group consolidation
  • Internal control assistance
  • Audit process management in full cooperation with independent auditors
  • BCL reporting: monthly and quarterly
  • Tax returns preparation: corporate income, municipal business and net wealth
  • VAT returns preparation: monthly, quarterly and annual
  • Accounting of Luxembourg securitization vehicles

Commissaire aux comptes (Supervisory Auditor)

  • Article 443-1 of the Luxembourg law on commercial companies, as amended, stipulates that every société anonyme must be supervised by one or more commissaire aux comptes
  • The commissaire aux comptes has unlimited power of supervision and control over all the operations of the company, and shall report to the general meeting on the results of the mandate entrusted to him, making such recommendations as he considers relevant

Liquidation of Companies

  • Preparation of liquidation accounts and final tax returns
  • Coordination with Luxembourg public notary
  • Legal publications
  • Company’s files retention for the legally required period
  • Provision of liquidator mandates

Payroll Services

  • Payroll administration
  • Mandatory Payroll declarations to the relevant social security administration
  • Mandatory declarations to the relevant tax office (withholding tax and earning certificates)

Various Services

  • Luxembourg securitization vehicles
  • Servicing private clients (e.g. Luxembourg family wealth company)
  • Administrative services to funds
  • International structuring
  • FATCA services

The Asian Desk in Luxembourg

  • Based in Luxembourg and covering the whole of Europe, creating a strong link with the Asian market
  • Experienced and pro-active team, previously heading the Asian Desk of one of the large international accounting firms and a world-leading trust in Luxembourg
  • Chinese / Mandarin speaking professionals
  • Full range of specialists under one roof